Goals for 2014

Without further ado, here are my goals for 2014:

  • Become a better JavaScript developer and become aquainted with Node.js, Express and MongoDB
  • Learn to embrace TDD, starting with PHP and Laravel
  • Gain more experience with a purely functional language (probably Haskell) and leverage the paradigms of functional programming more in general
  • Attend a developer conference
  • Put all private work on GitHub
  • Write at least one blog post a month (hopefully describing some personal work)
  • Exercise at least twice a week
  • Do facial exercises at least once every day

Bring it.

Custom Post Types and pagination

If you want to be able to support pagination when building a Custom Post Type Archive (ie. using the posts_nav_link() function), then you have to remember to set the ‘paged’ parameter when querying your posts:

This took me a couple of hours to find. Hope it helps!

WordPress wp-admin Blank Screen of Death

I just experienced the Blank Screen of Death on the wp-admin page discussed here, here and probably many other places. I am running the WordPress 3.2.1.
I tried removing all plugins, removed white space from top and bottom of functions.php, wp-config.php, still with no luck. As the problem to most people seemed to lie within the functions file, I decided to rename the old one and add a new blank functions.php. Boom, after refreshing my browser (this was done at localhost), there was my login page. Dashboard working and everything – only without all the extra functionality I added myself. So, before going through the tiring process of out-commenting every section of code in the file, trial and error style, I tried, just for the fun, to copy everything from my old functions file to my new one. Strangely enough, this worked! There was all my custom post types, taxonomies and everything. So, I guess the moral of this is to try the simplest solution before going into too much hassle!

Hope that this will help someone else out there!


After waiting for several hours for an invite to Google+ I’m finally in!

CV online.. But mostly some other stuff

So, after going live and having posted about my expectations for this to become a rapidly thriving blog, nothing has happened. Nice job, Tomas – luckily, it’s all for a good reason.

The last couple of weeks at the university have been extremely busy;  Along with some team mates, I am currently working on a server module for an RSVP system, that we have to publish through a web service for a group of students at the Singapore Management University to use. The server module has to be written in F# and communicate with a MS SQL server. The web service is written in C#. The fact that we need to have a stable service up and running on the 24. of March combined with a very strange server error does not really leave a lot of time for the development or maintenance of

However, as I stated a couple weeks ago, I am working on the support for comments. Furthermore, I have (finally) uploaded my CV, so to all the employers out there, go hire me!

Stay tuned! I will add a commenting module very soon!

It’s alive!

After having bought the domain, nothing has really happened to the site (apart, of course, from uploading a temporary dummy frontpage). Well, I am now glad to share with the world what will intentionally become a rapidly thriving blog. I will be sharing my opinion on life, the universe and everything, probably narrowed down to a couple of well-defined categories.

I will, however, also be using this site as an online CV and portfolio page. And of course as a personal virtual playground in my journey towards becoming a true WordPress Wizard.

Oh, and I will be adding support for comments shortly, if anyone is interested in sharing thoughts related to what I find interesting.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.